Learn something new about the places you go!

NASDAQ Facts for Foursquare tells you the stock price of every public company you check into. No need to do anything but check in and see the info!

Stock markets are about more than numbers. Discover which places on Foursquare you visit are public companies, get information on how they are doing, and learn more about them by clicking on a link. This information automatically appears on your Foursquare app after checking into a place!

Just sign in with Foursquare. We'll do the rest.

Just connect your Foursquare account and we'll get you set up. You can expect to see the public name of the company, the NASDAQ abbreviation, and the stock price.

How safe is my info?

You have nothing to worry about. We only use your Foursquare data to give you interesting information about your checkins.

Created at the Foursquare API Hackathon